so disarming, darling

"but I'll be with you behind the couch when they come, on a different day just like this one..."

My name is Alyssa. I believe in stories above all, good obsessions, and making creativity an adventure.

This blog is mostly made up of movies, quotes, music, books, a few celebs, and poems. However this is a personal blog and I'll post whatever the hell I want, thanks. :)

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Artist: Walk the Moon
Title: I Can Lift A Car
Plays: 240

I Can Lift a Car | Walk the Moon

Pulling On A Line | Great Lake Swimmers


Favorite music videos: Bon Iver - Calgary [x]

So itʼs storming on the lake, little waves our bodies break
Open ears and open eyes, wake up to your starboard bride
Who goes in and then stays inside, oh the demons come, they can subside

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Artist: Radical Face
Title: We're on our way
Plays: 209

We’re On Our Way | Radical Face

Artist: Bon Iver
Title: Re: Stacks
Plays: 6509

Re: Stacks | Bon Iver

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Rain of Gold | Young Empires

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Artist: Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Title: Atlas Hands
Plays: 419

Atlas Hands | Benjamin Francis Leftwich

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you keep me under your spell


you keep me under your spell

Artist: Bloc Party
Title: Atonement
Plays: 49

Atonement | Bloc Party

what a concrete mess we live in

what a concrete mess we live in

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Artist: The Lumineers
Title: Ho Hey
Plays: 499

Ho Hey | The Lumineers

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Put your iTunes on shuffle and see the soundtrack to your life 

Artist: Dom
Title: I Wonder
Plays: 79

I Wonder | Dom

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